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The last two weeks Victorian schools have been on term 3 holidays. During this time young girls have been seen out and about dressed in distinctive and fashion forward ensembles. I am just so impressed with how confident some young girls are today. They take ownership of their individual style and don't fall into the trap of looking exactly like their friends. This inspired me to meet up with 5 young fashionistas and share their fashion influences and style with Dusty Petals. I particularly love how these gorgeous girls combine vintage pieces with current trends. Introducing to you Brittany, Tayla, Alice, Corrie and Molly!
"To me my style of clothing changes with the weather. I dont think I really have an actual style I wear all the time. I do love my Dr. Martens, they seem to work with everything and I love shorts and skirts. I'm trying to wear more bright colours 
because I find I wear alot of black all the time and want to steer clear of that. 
I love the retro look and high necks."

Top - Agent Ninetynine from General Pants
Skirt - Xcepsion from mum's wardrobe 
Socks - From mum's wardrobe
Shoes-Dr. Martens from Ebay


"I find things that naturally occur. I don’t think of matching, I almost think of clashing. I love combining things that contrast.

Accessories are my real passion. The weirder they are the better."

JEANS- Neon Blonde
SHOES-Vans bought in America
JEWELLERY: An assortment of various antique and opp shop findings. One of my rings was handmade from a button.
SHIRT- St Vinnes Wonthaggi
CARDIGAN-Mum's old cardigan.

ALICE (left):
"One day I could be wearing a grundgy look and the next I'm  wearing a floral dress. Sometimes the music I wake up to inspires a look for the day. I like to experiment with my style. Lots of different things inspire me."
DRESS- Used to be a top with splits on each side and I turned into a dress; 
SOCKS- My mum's.
SHOES- Opp Shop
BAG- Vintage from Camberwell Market
Necklace Voodoo Doll- It was originally a keychain that I turned into a necklace.
NECKLACE- from India.
CORRIE (Right)
"I love patterns and materials that have a lot of texture. I don't like wearing too much of the same fabric. I like to really mix things up. My style depends on my mood. I don’t think I have one particular style."

CARDIGAN- New Zealand Opp Shop
T-SHIRT- Retro Star
SKIRT- American Apparel 
SHOES- New Zealand Opp Shop
RING- Finders Keepers Market at the Docklands.

"I'm not too sure how to sum up my style..I guess I like to wear things that are a little bit different from the majority. Most of my favourite items come from opp shops or my mum's cupboard. I mix these with items I get online or from General Pants. My sister  and I share pretty much all of our clothes and she is probably one of my fashion inspirations. Most days we don't dress entirely for comfort, we like clothes and shoes too much."


SHOES- My black criss cross vans are from Beacon's Closet in NYC
SOCKS-I'm not sure where the socks came from, maybe just a little store in the city?
SHORTS- The denim burgundy high waisted shorts came from a little store in Chadstone.
TOP-The sheer woollen shirt I got from my cousin (i think she either got at an opp shop or from America maybe?
SUNGLASSES-from Sportsgirl.

Thank you so much girls for sharing your fashion style with us all. 

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Get ready for my next post where I will be sharing a selection of the  brilliant '2adorn' collection of fascinators designed by my very clever and dear friend Kim Nguyen. 
See you soon! 

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