Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Lace, lace & more lace!

Hi everyone!  This week I wanted to share with you the hot Spring/Summer trend 'Doily Lace.'  Cut out floral patterns and small to large scale lace can be seen in shorts, tops, shirts, pants, jackets and skirts...pretty much everything! 
I've always been attracted to garments made in lace and have collected many pieces including vintage ones over the years. I find it adds a touch of elegance and femininity to an outfit. It is inspiring to see lace in all shades of colour, including the hot neon trend.
I have styled some lace inspired looks for you below. I thought I'd try something different this post and  reference and style items only from local and well known Melbourne boutiques and fashion stores. This way those of you who are not so comfortable purchasing online, you can go and try on the looks I've styled in person.  For my international followers, don't worry I have referenced the online shop for you as well. Happy Shopping!  

Have a great week!

Monday, 17 September 2012


Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you how to incorporate a collar necklace into your daily looks. A collar necklace is often worn as a statement piece however I love to style mine with patterns and bold colours, almost camouflaging the necklace with the print of the outfit. I feel this helps create rich texture and a touch of mystery to an outfit. When styling my looks I hope to bring intrigue and surprise in people I engage with, expecting they find something new after every view. Collar necklaces can help create this effect. 

I have styled several looks for you to reference below, inspired behind a collar necklace. You will see how I have chosen similar geometric shapes to the print of the garments and the necklace itself. All five necklaces I have referenced are from an amazing online site called Boticca.com. I spend hours exploring the variety of artistic and unique jewellery, handbags and ladies accessories available from Boticca. They are true works of art. I encourage you to check it out. 


Have a great week!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Today I wanted to share the trend that is transforming ladies fashion. This hot new style embraces key elements of masculine and feminine flair, perfectly merging these into sleek, sexy and polished looks. This trend is referred to as 'Androgynous Style.' It highlights the masculine and feminine blurred boundaries not only in fashion but in today's society. Androgynous fashion has been celebrated in street style and on the runway by combining feminine colours and prints with sharp and tailored silhouettes.  I think the key way to truly master this style is to embraces its core fundamentals.  Choose feminine prints such as floral blazers, shirts or even playful and bright ties worn with a very tailored suit.  The Androgynous style can have great sex appeal particularly if your pieces are worn with a snug fit, almost creating an undersized appearance, remember this suits (pardon the pun) the top part of your outfit more.

I have styled several Androgynous style looks below. I'm excited to try out this style in Spring by layering a buttoned up shirt, worn with a preppy style cardigan, a striped tie and high waisted tailored shorts.
 I encourage you ladies to try adding a touch of 'Androgynous style to your corporate look. Start by simply adding a borrowed skinny tie from your partner and wearing it with your pant suit. 


Below are Tommy Ton photos of women who rocks the perfect Androgynous style. 

I love the below photo shoot with Magdalena Frackowiak  from Pani's September 2012 issue, who shows how to add complete sex appeal to Androgynous fashion.