Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Style Crush on Miroslava Duma

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share with you my style crush on Miroslava Duma. I can't get enough of this gorgeous Russians style and I am always able to draw inspiration from her.  She has an innate ability to combine prints and textures, making her outfits appear just like a piece of art. She presents herself in polished, daring and exciting head to toe looks, which has turned her into a major style icon on the international fashion scene.
Mira (as she is known amongst her friends) used to be an editor for Harpers Bazaar (Russia) and has since written for numerous other publications including Vogue. However, now Mira is focussing on her own online media platform, Buro24/7.  I can't wait for her to launch the English version. 
Mira describes her style as experimental, playful and mixed. She enjoys combining expensive designer pieces with inexpensive ones. I loved her quote in a Vogue interview, referring to being experimental in her style, she stated "The one who doesn't do anything doesn't make any mistakes."  
I've selected some of my favourite ensembles From Miroslava Duma. I hope she inspires you as much as she does me. 

Images courtesy of Google Images

Sunday, 27 January 2013

How to wear 'Black & White.'

After seasons filled with exuberant colours, prints and elaborate embellishment, fashion goes back to basics with black and white. Designers including Marc Jacobs and Jill Sander presented black and white ensembles in their 2013 Spring collections. I have always been a huge fan of combining these shades together as it automatically creates a chic feel, especially if you add some stripes to your look. 
I have styled some playful black and white looks for you below. If you want to include some colour to your black and white look, red lipstick is the perfect addition.
Have a great week lovelies! 

Designers showcase black and white ensembles in their 2013 Spring collections.

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