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Movie Star Crush on Steve McQueen

I have had a huge movie star crush on Steve McQueen for quite some time now.  With his rebellious nature and onscreen heroic's, McQueen earned the knickname 'The King of Cool.' He left  a lasting impact on Hollywood not only for his roles in classic films such as 'The Great Escape' and 'The Thomas Crown Affair' but also for his charismatic charm, masculinity and effortlessly cool image. 

McQueen was a style icon in his time and in ours.  He was actually the first man to grace the cover of the fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar. McQueen's style combined American sportswear with rugged motorcycle racer. He would often be seen in his Persol aviators, chino's, polo shirts, sports coats, knitted sweaters or a simple white tee with denim jeans. Being a racing enthusiast McQueen would include his racing attire into his fashion wardrobe, including leather jackets, racing jackets, denim and leather boots. He was also known for wearing a Rolex watch and The Rolex Explorer II Reference 1665 is also now titled the 'Rolex Steve McQueen.'
Italian sunglass company 'Persol' released a special edition remake of the sunglasses worn by the style icon McQueen. They feature Persol's distinctive Supreme Arrow and also have McQueen's signature etched in the inside arm. 

On November 7th, 1980, McQueen died at the young age of 50 from cancer believed to be associated to asbestos.  31 years later, he is still recognised for his talent as an actor as well as his defined style.

 Below I have  styled some Steve McQueen inspired men's fashion looks, just in case you are interested in turning your man into 'The King of Cool.' It's amazing how many designers have drawn inspiration from Steve McQueen over the years and still today. He really was and still is a true style icon.
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Check out the below looks I've style to create a modern day Steve McQueen image. All items are available through online shopping. Just click on the link provided and shop away! You will notice I have  referenced several items from the label AllSaints. My husband and I fell in love with this label when we were living in NYC. We are waiting for an Australia branch to open. Check out their site here:    

The Cardigan and Chinos

1- AllSaints Ernst Cardigan, $147.24
2- Baby Elephant Elstra Tan Chino, $129.95
3- Arvust Blue Linen Shirt,  $69.95
4- Red Wing® work chukka boots, $232.15  

The Denim
1- Bedford Shirt, $131.75
2- Wamwam Cigarette Jeans, $131.75
3- Detain Belt, $77.50,
4- Spire Boot $255.70,

The Knitted Sweater

1-Blue Cable Crew Neck Jumper, $77.50
2- Coloured Chinos with belt,  $57.95,
3- Zara Leather Sneaker, $86.95
4- PERSOL 0714 STEVE MCQUEEN Sunglasses in color 9633, $289.61,
   5- Flash Heel Crew Socks, $12.95

The Simple White Tee

1- White Tee Shirt, $9.60
2- Slim Stretch Trousers, $57.95
3- Textured Rib Crew Socks, $9.95
4- Keds Champion Canvas Originals, $50.00 
4- Persol 649S  Steve McQueen sunglasses, $270.85,
5- Men's Stainless Steel Black Dial Rolex Explorer I (333)  $4525.00

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