Saturday, 4 February 2012

Oh what a bargain!!!

Sometimes I like to challenge myself and see how little I can spend on a complete look. There's something thrilling about feeling confident and fashionable in an outfit that cost you near to nothing. 
I was very proud of my latest bargain finds as I managed to spend only $21.45 on the 1980's Rockstar inspired look I styled below.  I couldn't believe it!  I'll break it down for you:
Graphic printed tank: $7.45
Dress (which I'm wearing as a skirt); $10.00, 
Grey clutch bought second hand for  $2.00 
White socks $2.00. 

The good thing about these bargain items are that I know I'll be able to wear them with my current wardrobe. They are very versatile. I love how a new purchase of clothing can inspire you to take on a new look or allow you to wear something from your current wardrobe in a completely different way. That is exactly what my bargain $10.00 dress will do.

Check out some pictures of this ridiculously inexpensive look below. Unfortunately my Joanne Mercer shoes and Ray Ban sunnies were not so cheap, but that is what makes good styling, the combination of the cheap with the not so cheap. 

I have also styled and referenced some budget looks for you at the bottom of this post.
My advice to you is to never be afraid to dig down deep into that 'Sales' bin or visit that shop you always pass by but never think of walking into because it looks cheap and dated.  You may be pleasantly surprised.
Happy Shopping!

1-ASOS Top With Sequin Hat Print $20.30
2-ASOS Belted Peg Pant with Turn Up 32.40,
3-Glitter Platform Heel  $28.00

1-Peeking Minnie Top  $13.85
2-Pleated Tab Waist Shorts $21.35
3-Solid Tennis Shoe $14.00

2-Gold/Red Rhinestone Lip Necklace  $8.30
3-Gold-Oriented Flats $33.00
4-May May Contrast-Trim Patent Satchel $22.00

1-Kiss & Tell Tie Top $11.95
2-Red swing babysilk jacket $25.00
3-Dark Skinny Ankle Jean $9.82

1-ASOS Lace Bib Sleeveless Blouse  $19.45
2-Pleated Waist Shorts $15.00
3-Patent Leather Blucher  $47.00
4-Fair Isle Satchel $21.95

Have a great week!

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