Monday, 25 June 2012

Just a flash of midriff

Hi everyone! I know I've mentioned in the past how much I adore winter fashion but lately I have been craving a heat wave. What's making me crave Summer? Could it be Melbourne's recent freezing cold temperatures? Or maybe it's the inspiration I get after viewing the 2012 Spring/Summer collections from the northern hemisphere. As such I thought I'd brave the cold and share with you one of the key trends to come off the 2012 Spring runway's, the exposed midriff. Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana, Nina Ricci and Prada are just some of the designers that have been showcasing the midriff in a very sexy yet subtle way. I have shared some of these looks at the bottom of this post.

When taking on this trend the idea is to expose a tasteful flash of midriff whilst keeping the belly button under wraps. I think the midriff trend is best matched under a blazer/jacket. 

I have styled two 'midriff' looks below.  The looks incorporate a romper suit that I reconstructed into two pieces; a top and shorts. I know these looks are not the perfect inspiration during winter but for those of you who are travelling overseas and for my lucky international followers, maybe you can have a bit of fun with this new trend.


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  1. loved the bare midriff outfits. Didnt expose too much flesh which adds to the sophistication of the outfits. colour combination is the red shoes.


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