Monday, 24 June 2013

Get The "TWEED" Look.

Whenever I see a garment made in tweed I immediately think of Coco Chanel's elegant straight-cut tailored tweed jacket that became a worldwide sensation. This jacket has been referred to as a revolution in the way women dress. Chanel designed the jacket to allow the wearer the freedom to move. 

Karl Lagerfeld once stated that the three wardrobe staples that would never go out of fashion are jeans a white shirt and the Chanel jacket. Since Lagerfeld has taken over the house, he has experimented with colours and reinvented tweed in inspiring ways, whilst maintaining the spirit of the original design and it's intention. 

I styled my tweed dress below with a leather fur trimmed jacket to help create a more edgy look. I have previously styled the dress in a more refined manner,  however this time I felt the urge to create stronger statement for winter.

Below I've styled some looks based around 'Tweed' products. All items are available from Highpoint Shopping Centre.

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  1. Ohh, I loveee everything about tweed! Is such an elegant fabric.. Your dress is just adorable!


  2. Amazing post my dear! You look gorgeous in that beautiful tweed dress of yours and I adore the tweed outfits you've created. I cant stop staring at the Chanel photos you've picked, so timeless and forever inspiring! :)

    Take care and wishing you a wonderful week,
    Daniella xx

  3. Lovely photos of Chanel and her hats.


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