Sunday, 24 November 2013


Hi everyone! Today I'm sharing with you the very popular trend 'boyfriend jeans.' These hot slouchy pants are to appear as though you have effortlessly thrown on your boyfriends jeans. Simply roll up the hem a couple of times to create a cropped length, jump into some heels, wear a loose tee and blazer and you're ready to go. With the right accessories boyfriend jeans can create a sexy and very cool look. 

  I have wanted to invest in a pair of boyfriend jeans for quite some time however, I had to be very careful when choosing the perfect pair. Being so short, I couldn't afford to go too baggy which would make me look even shorter than my 5ft 1 height. I think it is so important to not just follow a popular trend without considering your individual body shape and proportions.  It is perfectly fine to make small adjustments while still following the basic appeal of any trend. Body shape before trend is what I always like to preach when styling my clients and myself. 

I finally found the perfect boyfriend jeans for my shape from Zara in Hong Kong. They are not the traditionally baggy form.  I have styled below my boyfriend jeans with a crop top from Bardot worn under a loose white blouse. 
I have also provided some look collages offering ways to style boyfriend jeans along with inspiration pics. 

Have a wonderful week!

Inspiration pics courtesy of Google Images

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