Saturday, 30 November 2013

Zoom Whitespeed

Hi everyone! I was so thrilled to be invited by iDental Dentists to trial ‘Zoom Whitespeed.’ This relaxing and luxurious teeth whitening service provides a change of up to 8 shades lighter in only 90 minutes.  I think the best accessory anyone can invest in is a beautiful set of white teeth.  

It was such an enjoyable, relaxing experience. And you know the saying about things not happening over night well guess what? You see results in only 90 minutes.
The ‘Zoom Whitespeed’ service basically condenses 14 days of teeth whitening into one session.  Whitening gel is applied onto your teeth carefully during the Whitespeed process. 
 I was greeted by the lovely Dr. Giulia D’Anna, owner of iDental Dentists who gave me a brief run down of the process, she took some photos and made sure that I settled in comfortably. All I had to do was sit back in the tranquil room, and select a movie of choice; I felt like I was in a Day Spa. After viewing the  girly flick ‘In Her Shoes’ Dr. D'Anna introduced me to my new white teeth. I couldn’t stop staring in the mirror.
This incredible service is under $500 and you leave with a beautiful white smile.
For further whitening, Dr. D'Anna will provide you with a take home maintenance pack to balance out the perfect shade. 
For more information on this service visit iDental Facebook page or webpage. It would make a great  Christmas gift for yourself, a family member or a friend.
 Check out this video link about the Zoom Whitespeed here:  

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