Tuesday, 20 March 2012


When I received an invitation to collaborate with  SugarlipsApparel.com, I was absolutely thrilled.  SugarlipsApparel.com is an online shop that stock a variety of affordable, versatile current trend pieces. For well under $100.00 you can purchase anything from a blouse, skirt, shorts, dress, jacket or coat. I particularly love the support Sugarlips offers to the blogging community. Many of their items for sale are modelled by bloggers. Each Blogger shows their individual way of styling a Sugarlips apparel item to suit their own fashion aesthetic. I think this gives the online buying community the opportunity to see how real people style SugarlipsApparel and work it into their current wardrobe. It's a different approach. I had the opportunity to do so myself.

Below I am wearing a Coco Pastille Dress from Sugarlips. I love the soft colour and effortless flow of the dress. It is a dress I wouldn't typically wear as I tend to wear structured, tailored dresses but I was excited to experiment with this new style.  I love the extended scarf attached to the dress that falls over the bust. This feature creates more volume to an area that seems to be lacking in my department, if you catch my drift. Another way of creating more shape to my petite upper body was by accessorising with heavy contrasting gold necklaces down the neckline. I love the clash of delicate versus chunky charms on these three necklaces. 

The Coco Pastille dress is available for purchase through http://www.sugarlipsapparel.com/ and has been reduced to only $57.40.

Check out how I styled the dress below. I have also selected a few of my favourite styled looks from other bloggers on Sugarlips website. Check these out at the bottom of the post.

Coco Pastille Dress

From left to right

From left to right 

For more affordable fashion visit 

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