Friday, 13 September 2013

Arriving in London

After a tiring and very long 25 hour journey to London, we finally arrived. And it was worth the wait, as I have already fallen in love with this city. Dusty and I arrived a day before London Fashion Week allowing us to explore the city and get some early shopping done. During this short exploration, I could identify the key style of Londoners. There is a strong 'hipster' influence. I thought people in Brooklyn were the masters of the 'Hipster' look but I think they actually fall second to Londoners. My favourite aspect of fashion in London is that the charm and appeal of the historical architecture is definitely an influence in the way people dress.. There is a real sense of classic tailoring. Even though it may sound contrary to 'hiptsers' everyone seems to appear very polished and put together, I love it!!

I thought I'd share my first look in London with you. It was very grey and a little drizzly with small pockets of sun, but fortunately not too cold.  I'm dressed in Highpoint retailers, for more details of the products check out the bottom of this post. These Seed pants are so incredibly comfortable!!!

I'll post about my amazing first day at fashion week soon.
Stay tuned...

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