Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Blue Bubbles

Hi everyone. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I had a wonderful weekend working towards my newest Dusty Petals venture. I have been researching and sourcing some amazing pieces of fashion that I will be making available for purchase through Dusty Petals.  I wanted to allow my followers the rare opportunity to buy a complete look directly through my blog. I used to get frustrated reading magazines where they would layout a look simply listing  the label and price tag.  If you liked what you saw,  you would have to go and find the individual pieces by looking up the shop address closest to you, then calling to ensure they have the desired piece in stock. This can be quite an exhausting task! I wanted to make life easy and allow you all to  buy a styled look from the one source...Dusty Petals. It is almost like I can style you all from my office and deliver it to you in your size immediately.  I am a huge fan of shopping for the latest trends on a budget. I will preview each look directly through 'Dusty Petals' allowing followers to purchase these great affordable ensembles. I will also be selling some great vintage finds I have collected along the way. I'll post more information about this venture in the coming weeks...I'm excited to share some of my finds with you!!!

In today's post I'm wearing two pieces from separate suits that I designed for my Giovanna Scarfo Collection titled 'It SUITS you.' The skirt is part of a jacket, top and skirt ensemble whilst the vest has a matching skirt. I decided to separate these two pieces from their home suit and team them together as I loved the contrast of fabric, texture and shape they create together. The skirt is extremely fun to wear as the fabric allows you to shape it as you please. I try to create an almost lamp shade silhouette when I'm wearing it.

I've accessorised with some fun, frilly, white socks which  I bought in a small kiosk stand in 'The Well' in Camberwell. The shoes are from H&M. I was given the gorgeous vintage hat from my lovely friend Lauren. She bought it from 'Dear Gladys.' I hope you like it! Let me know what you think.

Also, if you are not yet a Dusty Petals fan, simply click on the Eiffel Tower and follow 'Dusty Petals' through bloglovin. This will enable you to be updated  on my new and vintage shop coming soon. You don't want to miss out! 

You might notice I'm wearing a bracelet with the name 'Joanna' on it.  It is the closest thing to my name I could find on an accessory; Joanna is the English translation for Giovanna. Close enough! Also, thank you to my gorgeous (other) friend Lauren for my beautiful birthday present; the stunning ring on my pointer finger...I love it!!! 

All photographs are the property of Giovanna Scarfo


As mentioned in my last post,  I have entered on behalf of my talented husband Dustin, 3 of his photographs in a "Fashion Photo Contest.' To vote for his photos go to http://crossroadstrading.com/contests/photo-contest/gallery/?v=gallery and search for Dustin Cracknell in the 'Photographers Name' search. We'd both love your support.
  Dustin is responsible for all of the photographs on Dusty Petals blog. Thanks Dusty!!!
Thanks for sharing! xox

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  1. I LOVE you're style honey, it's SO nice to admire your work :***


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