Thursday, 26 May 2011

Under My Umbrella...ella

Hi everyone, hope you've had a wonderful week.
 I have always been fascinated with fun and quirky umbrellas. They can be amazingly eye catching on a dull and cold rainy day. Speaking of rainy days, the red umbrella I'm holding below served me well in a very unexpected downpour on a 30 degree day in New York City. I was travelling around the Garment District sourcing trims for work that day as I quickly escaped into the closest store and to my surprise found this special red umbrella.

Today I'm wearing a jacket from my 'Queen Of The Sky Collection' by Giovanna Scarfo. This is one of my favourite designs. I usually wear it with my hair up to help show the detailed pleated collar. 

The pants I'm wearing can you believe were only $8.00! I bought them from a second hand shop in Collingwood. They fit me perfectly, even the length which is a rare experience for my 5ft 2 frame. The shoes I'm sure you are familiar with as I regularly post them. They are from Nine West. The bag is Tony Bianco.

At the bottom of this post I have selected both fun and classic umbrellas for you to add to your winter wardrobe. I have also included some novelty jewellery items from selected Etsy shops following the theme of 'umbrellas.' I hope you enjoy this post. Feel free to offer any feedback.


                  The Perfect Black & White Umbrella

1.     Lulu Guinness, SUPERSLIM CAT & BIRDCAGE UMBRELLA $43.30,
2.     Gina and May, $54.95,
3.     Gina and May $ 54.95,
4.     Gina and May $ 54.95,
5.     Bella Pagoda Umbrella - Ravishing Red, $129.00,
6.     Bella Umbrella, Mademoiselle Young Miss Umbrella, $72.00,
7.     Lulu Guinness, SUPERSLIM CAT & BIRDCAGE UMBRELLA,  $43.30,
8.     Bella Umbrella , Multi Colored  Kaleidoscope Umbrella , $65.00,
             C-Thru Umbrellas!

1.     Fun Raindrops Clear Umbrella, $25.00,
2.     Kate Spade umbrella, $35USD,
3.     Lulu Guinness, BIRDCAGE UMBRELLA $49.50,
4.     ModCloth, Raindrops on Railways, $29.99
5.     Stevie Marx, C-Thru Collection, (Available at Priceline).
6.     Stevie Marx, C-Thru Collection, (Available at Priceline).
7.     Dorothy Perkins, 'I love rain' umbrella, $15.47
8.     Radley London, Clear Plain Sailing walker umbrella, $34.61,  
 Novelty Umbrellas!

1.     ModCloth, Raining Dogs and Dogs Umbrella, $38.00,
2.     Lulu Guinness, GIFT BOXED TINY CAMEO UMBRELLA, $46.40,
3.     LaSelva Designs - Women's Chocolates Stick Umbrella , $29.95
4.     Lucy Rumba Folding Umbrella , $20.25
5.     Mademoiselle Light Pink Polka Dot Ruffle Collapsible Umbrella $25.00
6.     Stevie Marx, Mini Umbrella, (Available at Priceline)
  Umbrella Jewellery!
1.     Emilina Ballerina, Let Love be Your Umbrella Necklace, $11.40,

2.     Antique brass umbrella necklace with a small turquoise blue rose. $17.90
3.     The Marry Popins Umbrella - A Sterling Silver Necklace By Two Little Doves, $30.65,
4.     My Lavaliere, Umbrella brooch pin retro silver, $11.30,
5.     Angelwing Jewellery, Little Umbrella earrings, $33.00,
6.     10pcs Brass Umbrella With Bow Charms Pendants PND-160, $ 2.79USD

How gorgeous are the below black and white photos?

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Have a great week! 


  1. I remember those pants!! Your combination of clothes looks awesome as usual :) love the umbrellas too ...Suz

  2. Ha ha! Yes, you were there when I bought them! We struck gold that day didn't we??? How about your thriller jacket? Thanks for the comment Suz. xoxo

  3. You look beautiful as always! And another fab headband, wherever do you find these great accessories? Paula

  4. Thanks so much Paula! I bought this headscarf the same day as I bought the cream one. I'll still look out for one for you when I go back to Cowes. xoxo

  5. Hi Dusty Petals

    I really like this jacket you made! It has a really unique design and detailing. Well done!

    Thanks also for the comments you left on my last post, I really appreciated them and they were wonderful to read.

    As for my umbrella, I am still using one from when I was about 5. Bright pink and with a wooden duck handle - so cute! I get so many compliments too. haha

    -fb X

  6. Love-love-love-love-love-love-loooooooooove this look!!!! Amazing! Exactly the kind of look that gives you inspiration and courage to wear bright accessories!!!!

  7. nice combination. red and black is so hot.
    hey, nice expression you have. haha


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