Tuesday, 17 May 2011

'Dusty Petals' meets 'Yo Pop'

This weeks post combines both of my passions at this point in my life; Yo Pop and Dusty Petals. After falling in love with frozen yoghurt in New York, Dustin and I had a yearning to share this love with Melbourne. That is how 'Yo Pop' initiated. We opened our first frozen yoghurt and smoothie bar 'Yo Pop' in Phillip Island last summer. After a successful summer we are now in the process of setting up a store in Melbourne. As well as doing this I finally decided to share my passion for fashion with people through a blog and that is when 'Dusty Petals' came along. I want my blog to be about sharing my own designs, along with vintage and new trends that are currently for sale. I also wanted to provide a selection of styled looks to purchase directly from my blog.

I chose to style the below look in the Yo Pop setting as I really wanted to take advantage of the array of colours and patterns used in our 'Yo Pop' branding. I am wearing a George Ermis dress over black stockings. The jacket is vintage. It was part of a 1980's suit. When I bought this jacket it was a typical loose fitted 80's style where the ribbing hung well below the hips. The style was a sight for poor eyes but I fell in love with the patterned fabric and decided it would be worthwhile reconstructing it. I had the jacket shortened and tailored to fit my shape. I was inspired by the idea of combining the classic Chanel style cropped jacket with the traditional bomber jacket. I love how it turned out and I wear it to death. That is another passion of mine; finding vintage pieces and creating a way to reinvent them in a modern way. 

I've accessorised with my own designed 'Pop Bandz' series which are fun shaped silicone bands that 'Pop' back into their original shape. We will be stocking them in our 'Yo Pop' Melbourne store very soon. The belt is vintage from my favourite store 'Friperie.' The bow clip is from 'Sportsgirl' and the shoes are Harajuku Lovers which you may have seen in previous posts. I bought them in NYC and love them to death.

I'd love to have your feedback. Let me know what you think. 
Thanks for sharing.

Dusty Petals first COMPLETE LOOK for sale.
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My new designed fun shaped 'Pop Bandz' will be sold in our  coming 'Yo Pop' Melbourne store.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Love it Giv, I'm really enjoying reading your blog & browsing through your pics. Both you & Dusty is very talented. I also love the artwork for Yo Pop, can't wait for a taste xxoo April

  2. Thanks so much April!! I really appreciate the feedback. I can't wait to share a Yo Pop with you and Eva. Hope to see you soon gorgeous. xoxo

  3. Ahh Maann!! Now i feel like frozen yogurt and yours look really yummy :D
    Keep up the good work Giv

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  6. Hey Marshia! Thanks so much. You'll have to come and try a Yo Pop when you're back in Melb. Hope life is wonderful! xox

  7. girl you are really cute! you pull off this whole outfit so well!

    love your multicolour nails too - been wanting to try it for ages!

    -fb X

  8. Oh honey!!! you're amazing! You know I love you :*** But I have to say that I'm totally in love with this look! Ane the background <3 It's so awesome that you guys have your own bars, and frozen yogurt?! How AMAZING is that, I totally love this! :D

    With load of love MG :****

  9. hm, the yoghurt looks yummy.
    i love the color of your nails and rubber bracelets. fresh


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