Friday, 8 April 2011

Hells Kitchen

I am so excited to share with you one of my favourite vintage items bought so far. I found this 1960’s cape at the 'Hells Kitchen Flea Market' in New York City, I love that place! It was really love at first sight for me and the transgender stalker following me around, eyeing off everything that I was trying on. I eventually won the battle. I was fixated on wearing it home but considering the 40 degree temperature I forewent the choice due to my husband explaining the possible health ramifications.  I particularly love the four layers of ruffles around the collar and hemline. Very fun!

I am wearing a navy and white striped knit dress underneath the cape. I colour coded my wardrobe and when I saw these two hanging next to each other, I thought it was a match made in heaven. Now, I’m not a Geelong football fan but I did purchase these fun stripey, navy and white knee length socks that I haven’t been brave enough to wear as yet. But, I always dare to be brave on Dusty Petals.  The Nautical theme brooch is from Sportsgirl. I hope you enjoy the fun and quirky look. 

Thanks for sharing. 


  1. It's from a flea market in NYC called 'Hells Kitchen Flea Market.' This one stall had the most amazing clothes in perfect condition. Can you believe it only cost me $50USD??? I'll post some more pieces I bought from there soon.

  2. It really is a match made in heaven! And you should definitely wear the socks! I guarantee you'll appreciate this amazing feeling when you'll take this babies out :-)))).


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