Wednesday, 6 April 2011


I am so excited to have finally set up my own blog. It has been long awaited. I have been a serial blog follower for so long now and will be interested to see my changed role from stalker to being stalked.  I have an immense passion for fashion and I apologsie for sounding incredibly cliche. I have been designing my own collections over the past 5 years and find nothing more satisfying than seeing my work transform from a concept in my head to a creation I can hold in my hand.  I love exploring ideas through vintage shopping, researching history and simply just looking at real people out in the street. 

I am particularly excited and thrilled to use my blog to share the journey I will encounter through creating my next collection. I would love to involve you all in the process and get your feedback throughout.  I will share with you the entire process from inspiration board research, to sketches, to samples, then to corrected samples and then of course to the finale; the product itself. It will be a fun ride to take you on.  I'm really looking forward to sharing this journey with you all. 



Here I'm wearing a H&M jacket and shirt. My high waisted shorts with buckle details on each side are from Dangerfield. I didn't spend a lot on this outfit but I get so much wear out of each individual piece. I don't believe you have to spend big bucks to look fashionable. You just have to be selective. You will also notice my two male models alongside me. Introducing to you my two dogs Marlon and Brando. Brando is a 'Jug' cross pug with Jack Russell and Marlon is a long haired Chihuahua. My husband and I named them after the handsome and amazing actor Marlon Brando. It is interesting calling out for them at the park...people think we're mad. 

Here I wear a vintage ring and the new fun crazed bracelets that are taking over school playgrounds; 'Silly Bandz.' They are fun shaped silicone bands that after being removed reappear into their original form. I found them in NYC and heard that they were the next big thing amongst children but also amongst some adults and even celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and the 'Olson' twins. I have actually designed my own fun and cheeky collection which I'll keep you posted on. You'll love them!

These are some of the 'Silly Bandz' I collected during my stay in New York.


I found this amazing flea market when we were living New York City called 'Hells Kitchen Flea Market.' I remember always looking forward to the weekend because it was open only Saturday and Sunday. I was amazed at the variety and quality of vintage clothing and accessories. One of my many purchases was this Ostrich skin vintage handbag. The rough leather finish combined with the delicate chain strap and clasp detail just won me over. You really must write 'Hells Kitchen Flea Market' down on your to do list when visiting NYC.

                                      Thanks for sharing, I look forward to our next meeting.

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  1. This is definitely my fav look - because it sums up what you do so well! You always manage to put the simple things together perfectly to make/design a stunning - and wearable - outfit. Love your work!


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