Monday, 25 April 2011

Skating down memory lane

I thought I'd have a bit of fun in this post and share with you a quirky look. I am wearing my own designed black and white jacket whilst attempting to skateboard. My husband and I treated each other   to skateboards on our first wedding anniversary. I had finally learnt the basics but then decided to challenge myself further and skate in that's another story. 

The jacket was designed about five years ago when I was experimenting with the idea of weaving fabrics strips together. I used this same method with other samples including a dress and a suit, which I'll share with you in future posts. The jacket is a lot of fun and I have been wearing it consistently over the past five years.

I've teamed my own designed jacket with a 'Sunny Girl' striped body suit, a vintage pair of red shorts which I bought on 'Etsy,' and a tartan red bow tie from an amazing little shop in Richmond called 'Exentrix.' They stock local Melbourne designer samples as well as having a variety of accessories from Japan. I bought this bow tie in 6 colours and love wearing them with buttoned up shirts or even as a headband. The shoes are from a department store in Vietnam. They look 1950's vintage, which I love. The glasses were bought in a shop on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The shop reminded me of the Australian chain store, 'Dangerfield.'  Finally, the skateboard is a remake of a 1980's Powell Peralta board, the 'Caballero' addition, which we bought from Mordy Surf in Camberwell.

I'd love to know what you think of this outfit. Please feel free to comment directly on my post at the bottom of the page, or even 'Hype' (like) my look by clicking the 'Hype on' icon. This is really helpful in creating more exposure to my blog. Thanks for your support! xox

Check out my small video link. Enjoy and thanks for sharing!

Music: Morning Runner - Gone Up in Flames.


  1. so nice!!!

  2. love your jacket!

  3. Wow you're very creative... that jacket is so unique, congrats it looks great. I love the nautical/french vibe you have going on here, and I must say to skate board with heels on is a mighty talent in itself, I'm impressed!!

  4. Hey Girls, thanks so much for your kind feedback. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply. Hope you enjoy my new post. xoxo


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