Wednesday, 20 April 2011


For those of you who know me, know that I have a love for shoes just as much as clothing. I wanted to share with you my 'wish list' from my favourite shoe designers 2011 Fall Collections. I not only appreciate the beauty of these shoes but am fascinated by the incredible interplay of colours, materials, texture and architecture used to create them.

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Now, back to shoes... My favourite collection this year so far is from Aperla├». I love how each pair makes an individual statement. The use of colour is just brilliant. I can imagine myself wearing each of these designs with black stockings throughout winter. Oh, if only...

These incredibly fun Miu Miu shoes are to die for. I love the combination of sparkles with matt pastel colours and black suede. I never get disappointed by Miu Miu.  

Here I've selected my favourites from the Bally Fall Collection. These shoes are classic in style however they each add a modern twist through colour and fine details. 
They just remind me of a perfect snowy winters day. 

I had to share with you the perfectly slanted heel from Arfango's fall collection. This subtle change to the heel shape creates a dainty and elegant finish. Love it!

These Alexander Wang shoes combine a vintage style with metallic colours which just makes them all that perfect for winter. I want them all!!

Brian Atwood has found the ideal way to create a feminine heel with a raw, hard edge. 
These shoes look fashionably dangerous. 

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I hope you enjoyed sharing my favourite shoes from 2011 Fall Collections. 
I'd love to hear what your favourites are. 

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!


  1. Look at all the lovely colours, but how could you wear those heels all day! I love the elegance ofthe Alexander Wang collection. You would definitely need a pair of those slip in the purse ballet flats for emergencies.

  2. I love the colours and original style of Miu Miu!!! But Bally has always been my biggest passion and unshared love :-)! Thank you so much for showing their new creations!


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