Friday, 8 April 2011

Sequins On The Foreshore.

Hi All! Today, I thought I would finally take advantage of the beautiful scenery surrounding my family beach home. The balcony overlooks the beach and backs onto this beautiful, enchanting and romantic foreshore setting.  We share the foreshore with our  two cute wallaby friends, which my husband and I named Wilber and Wally. We pass them every night as we walk Marlon and Brando on the beach. They stand motionless, staring intently with suspicion as we walk past them. I know they don't sound as friendly as I described. 

Today I’m wearing a fun, 1950's inspired outfit that I have been dying to wear out but haven’t had the opportunity to as yet. So, what better occasion than for a Dusty Petal blog post. The strapless beige dress has this fine black embroidery detail on the hemline. I decided to wear my fun tulle skirt underneath the dress to help create that 50’s rock and roll shaped skirt. I can’t really wear this dress on its own as it doesn't flatter my bustline. Therefore, I decided to match it with this fun sequined vintage top that I bought at my favourite vintage store in Melbourne, ‘Friperie Vintage’ (337 Smith Street, Fitzroy). I love the versatility of this top as it buttons up at the back allowing me to also wear it as an open vest. You will also recognise the same vintage necklace I wore in my ‘Retro floral short’ post. Love it to death! 
These shoes are a lot of fun with the elaborate floral detail that sits over the foot. I previously have worn these shoes with black stockings as I like the subtle texture it creates with black on black. They are difficult to wear having such short legs, that’s also why I like wearing them with black stockings; to create more length to my legs. But I dare to be brave on Dusty Petals.  I particularly love the red sole. 

                                                      Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!


  1. Amazing! I love this outfit and your hair is perfect!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the shoes in this ensemble! They are just divine. So feminine and flirty - love, love, love them!

  3. I absolutely love everything about this outfit! So feminine and I love a frill - just perfect!

  4. I love this one.. so elegant yet playful. Love how you always can bring all the elements of an outfit together. You look gorgeous

  5. Your legs are so beautiful I didn't even notice the scenery! So don't be scared to wear this shoes without stockings, it looks great!

  6. Hello :) - you look stunning it was such a surprise to find this post. I love the outfit you have put together.


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